Rowan Precision Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence

By Rowan Precision Ltd
schedule5th Jun 24

Rowan Precision (RP) - precision manufacturing specialists and members of Made in the Midlands (MIM), are celebrating 40 years in business this year. Whilst RP staff look forward to an internal celebration at their facility in Birmingham, MIM look back through the company's history, significant milestones and how the company got its name. 

(Image: Rowan Precision's facility in Birmingham) 

Origins and Growth

Established in 1984, Rowan Precision was founded by engineers Martin Barker and Chris Kent and has evolved from humble beginnings into a leading name in the precision engineering industry.

The inspiration for the name of Rowan Precision began on Rowan Road in Sutton Coldfield, where both Martin and Chris lived. Martin, coming from a family of engineers, leveraged his background to establish a company grounded in precision and innovation. The company's early days were characterised by the use of Swiss autos-cam driven automatic machines—reflecting the high-volume, high-precision work required by their initial markets.

As CNC technology advanced, Rowan Precision invested in new innovations, transitioning to machines that enhanced their capabilities and efficiency. This commitment to staying at the forefront of technology has been a hallmark of the company, with three of their machines being less than twelve months old, ensuring they remain competitive and precise in their manufacturing processes.

(Image: One of the latest investments into machinery by RP - July 2023) 

The company’s approach to automation has evolved over the years, focusing on raw material loading and lights-out manufacturing. Their machines now complete components in a single operation, using conveyors to extract parts safely and facilitating 24 production. This technological sophistication has positioned Rowan Precision as a leader in the industry, capable of handling complex and high-precision work efficiently.

Achievements and Milestones

Through the years, Rowan Precision has acquired numerous achievements and milestones. One of the company's most significant achievements was obtaining the AS 9100 accreditation, enhancing their credibility in the aerospace industry and beyond. Last year, they further cemented their position as a top-tier precision engineering firm by attaining ISO 13485 accreditation, allowing them to meet the stringent demands of the medical industry whilst opening up new opportunities.

However the company’s influence extends beyond their technical achievements being deeply embedded in the local community, with many employees boasting over 25 years of service. They actively engage in nurturing the next generation of engineers through apprenticeships and collaborations with local colleges and organisations like Made in the Midlands.

Their involvement with MIM has also been significant as it aligns with Rowan Precision’s ambitions, providing valuable networking opportunities and industry insights that have helped the company stay ahead of the curve.

Celebrating 40 Years

To mark their 40th anniversary, Rowan Precision will host a celebratory event later in the year. Although the celebration is planned as a low-key affair due to the busy schedules and operational demands, it represents a moment to reflect on their journey and achievements.

Looking ahead Rowan Precision’s future is shaped by a robust succession plan and a commitment to growth. With recent appointments in key positions, including a new Head of Production, the company is preparing for the next phase of its journey. Plans to expand their facility and invest in new machinery are underway, ensuring they continue to meet the evolving demands of their industry.

The company's culture, characterised by an open-door policy and a focus on team development, has been pivotal to its success. This approach fosters innovation and collaboration, driving Rowan Precision towards a promising future.

As the company celebrates 40 years of excellence, they remain dedicated to precision, innovation, and community. Their journey is a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and continuous improvement. Here’s to many more years of success and industry leadership!

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