Rowan Precision is proud to be producing essential parts for ventilators

By Rowan Precision Ltd
schedule29th Apr 20

Midlands manufacturer Rowan Precision has joined the ventilator challenge and is working around the clock to produce vital components for much-needed ventilators during the Covid 19 pandemic. Alongside this vital work, the company is still open to supplying all customers. 

Rowan Precision Ltd has been manufacturing high-quality precision machined components and turned parts for over 30 years. During this time they have built a strong reputation for quality and service supplying national and international customers in diverse industries including Aerospace, Medical, Safety, Defence, Lighting, Automotive, Electronics, and Telecommunications.

The Birmingham based manufacturer was delighted to join the ventilator challenge when requested by one of their customers. Within 24 hours of winning the order from Smiths Medical production staff at Rowan Precision began producing the vital components needed for the construction of ventilators. Staff worked around the clock over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend to ensure they completed the first batch of components for collection.  

Martin Barker, Managing Director at Rowan Precision said:-

 “The two components we were asked to produce for the Smiths Medical approved ventilator was challenging and complicated. Although it was difficult obtaining the tooling required, we quickly found the suppliers to support this ventilator project.

So far the company has completed the initial contract for 12,000 components, and all of these will have been assembled into finished ventilators for nationwide distribution.

Martin added:-

“I feel extremely proud to be part of a nationwide incentive to save lives. Additionally, this work has helped to keep the company fully operational and kept our team working together in a way for which we are extremely grateful.” 

Another customer Multirole Development Engineering has also placed a new order for vital ventilator components. These are used to measure the flow of gas to the patient, be that air or oxygen-enriched air. The data supplied by the sensor is also used to plot the graphs on the ventilator display and monitor the flows precisely by calculating the times, the true figure of the volumes can be confirmed.

During the fulfillment of these orders whilst supporting all other customers, the company has ensured that social distancing is observed and sanitizer and PPE are provided and fully utilized.

Offering advice to other manufacturers open during this difficult time, Martin concluded: 

“With the right kind of direction, management skills, and government help we can all overcome the difficulties of this pandemic. By continuing to support the economy when and where you can, there is a lot of opportunities out there.”

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